Saturday, October 4, 2008

Adventures in Chicago: Lesson #5: I Love You, JOEY!

The title of this post is for you, Tish.

What can I say? New Kids on the Block still have my heart.

After our new friend, Bobby, the weird guy at the hotel (there for his brother's wedding), took our picture and got a cab for us, we arrived at the Allstate Arena, psyched for our first ever NKOTB concert. (Well it was my first real concert ever and I don't need to go to another after it - it surely won't be as good.)

Natasha Beddingfield was the opener and she can sounded good live. (You know how some people just don't sound the same?) I love her New Zealand/British accent.

The boys (now grown men) put on an awesome show. I couldn't have imagined better. Jordan and Joey can still hit all the high notes. But there is still just something about that bad boy Donnie! (Hence my new "Property of Donnie Wahlberg" t-shirt.)

We had so much fun singing and screaming. I hardly have a voice. The atmosphere was so incredible. So many fans (97% female), around our age, mature enough to not be annoying like little teenage girls would be, all eager to hear their boy band from their early youth. So fun! Here is a picture of us glowing after the concert (this was before our mile walk to the hotel obviously. Haha.)

It was a dream come true!

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Lori said...

It is so neat to have one of your dreams come true. I remember like it was yesterday watching you three older girls sing New Kids songs and dancing to them and Chels dancing off to the side wanting to be like her big sisters. One of the happiest things as a Mom is knowing her kids are together and having a great time. The sisters weekend was a great idea and tradition.
love, Mom