Friday, October 3, 2008

Adventures in Chicago: Lesson #2: Don't Miss Gino's East Pizza

After our late arrival in Chicago, the three of us caught a cab to downtown Chicago specifically to get Tiff some jeans so she had something to wear on Saturday. Our cab driver was fun - everyone honks at each other and he was trying to do something so he said "Don't beep me." at one point.

On the way into town, we asked him to tell us about the tall buildings. I pointed to the Sears Tower and asked which one that was. He said, "That one is my house." Me "Can I have a tour?" haha He said "I'll have to make sure my wife isn't home first." EW - not that kind of tour, buddy.

We then went to Gino's East for the best pizza in the world. The sauce is on top. The crust is all flaky, thick and crispy on the bottom (all at the same time). What more could you ask for? We felt bad throwing half of it away - we ordered way too much!

During dinner we were chatting about where we would eat on Saturday prior to the concert. I said we can't eat something too greasy or heavy (like the pizza we just had) before going to the concert. I didn't want to be all bloated for NKOTB! Tiff said, "Donnie, rub my belly!" So that is our continued joke from the weekend.

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