Friday, October 3, 2008

Adventures in Chicago: Lesson #3: Don't Lock Your Keys in the Car!

So by this point, you're probably wondering where Tish is during all this. She originally was supposed to take a later flight around 7pm from Omaha to Chicago because she had to work during the day. Around 6pm, I received a call from her saying she was lost and couldn't find her way to the airport. Obviously she was running a bit late as well and was worried about missing her flight.

Poor Tish. She has bad luck! She made it to the airport and parked and then somehow locked her keys in her car! Devon to the rescue - he drove to the airport, got her keys out and car unlocked and helped her work with the ticket counter to get her on standby for an early morning flight Saturday.

I hope it is something that she can now laugh about. But it sure wasn't funny at the time!

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