Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Carter's Story - Part VI

Hey there little one,

I thought I'd drop in and tell you all about your beautiful little sister, even tho I'm late. I'm sure you know all about her already, as you are her guardian angel.

Her name is Madylan Ava, we call her Mady. She's so pretty! She looks just like you when she's sleeping. I couldn't believe it. The whole time I carried her in my belly, you watched over her to make sure she was safe. She came out just perfect.

You still watch over her now as she grows big and strong. And boy does she ever grow! That girl grows like a weed - she's already into her 6-9 month clothes and she's not even 5 months old yet.

I believe that when she's sleeping, she has dreams about the two of you playing. I bet that is what she's dreaming about when she smiles in her sleep. Sometimes when I watch her sleep, I whisper to her and ask her to tell her big brother hello for me and to tell you I love you. Does she relay the message well?

Thank you for watching over her. I sure miss you and you are forever in my heart.

I love you forever, ever and always,