Sunday, February 13, 2005

Carter's Story - Part IV

Hey there little one,

Your Papa T.J. came out for the weekend. We kept pretty busy fixing up the house and running around town. He taught me how to fill holes in the wall. We went to a nursery and he bought a plant that looks like a stone. It's very weird. :) We also went out and tried sushi for the first time. Your Dad likes sushi and has had it before. I could never have it again and be perfectly fine!

I showed Papa your memory book. He brought a drawing of Jesus holding a baby that the minister at the Methodist church gave me. We found a frame for it and hung it by your picture on the wall along with the butterfly that Aunt Lyn sent.

Grandma and Papa also bought me a baby bootie necklace that has your birthstone on it. I wear it everyday and only take it off to get in the shower.

Today I wrote you a letter. Papa and I went and bought balloons to release to you. The balloons we found were perfect. They were red and said "I love you" on them. Papa wrote you a note too. We attached them to the balloons and drove up to South Mountain to release them.

South Mountain is one of the highest places you can get around here. You can view the whole city. The balloons went up and up and up. I hope you enjoyed them.

I love you forever, ever and always,


Saturday, February 5, 2005

Carter's Story - Part III

Hi sweetie,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you again like always. I'm having a sad moment right now so it helps me to write to you.

Sometimes I am so mad that you are not here I just want to scream. Sometimes I just want to put on my running shoes and run and run and run to let out some frustration. Your Dad and I went and toured a fitness center yesterday - hopefully we will join soon and I can start working out. I can imagine myself swimming and swimming while thinking about you.

Your Dad got his tattoo for you yesterday. I'm sure you will like it. Here is a picture.

I miss you and I love you forever, ever and always,