Friday, June 6, 2008

Scary Animal Play-Doh Things

I bought Mady this super-cute craft box: My Giant Busy Box from this toy store down the road from our house. It has paper bag puppets, sticker art, crayons, dough, tissue paper art, etc. One of the tissue paper art projects in the box was defective (i.e. not sticky) so I wrote to the company that made it to request a new one. They said they couldn't just provide me with the part that was broken - they sent a whole new box for us to play with! How nice is that? I highly recommend it - it's for ages 2+ (and I'm not just saying that because they gave us free stuff).

Mady really likes the E-I-E-I Dough projects. They provide printed punch-out animal parts and different colors of dough and you can make/decorate the animals. Here she has made a pig-dog (pig head with dog legs, I think there is a horse part mixed in there too.)

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