Friday, June 20, 2008

Balloon Pop Car

Today we went to Mahoney State Park and had a picnic and then went to the Aquatic Center and swam. Mady is getting to be a good "swimmer". She likes the wave pool that they have. She can almost float on her back and is starting to swim a little bit.

Her language is really developing. This morning when I went to make her usual Fruity Pebbles for breakfast (she will not touch pancakes, waffles or anything else I make her.) she said "Don't want that kind - I want Einsteins." As in Little Einsteins cereal we had a month or so ago. She said those two complete sentences as plain as day. I've tried to find that kind of cereal at the store again and apparently they've stopped making it - so I reminded her. Her response was "Oh."

Tonight we were driving home from the restaurant we ate at for dinner and the balloon she had received at the restaurant popped. She cried briefly but then she repeated the story when we got home about 100 times - "Balloon" "Pop" "Car" "Broke It" "Balloon" "Pop" "Car" "Broke It". Toddlers have a one track mind.

She's too cute.

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