Sunday, June 1, 2008


We have a family "pet" in addition to Nutmeg - a rabbit. We think it lives in a hole under our back cement patio. It's always around. In Arizona we had a gecko that lived along the stone wall in the back so it's only fitting that something has adopted our yard as it's home here as well.

Tonight during dinner, Mady was sitting with us at the table in her booster seat by the window and she spotted the bunny eating the grass right outside. She goes "Bunny!" and that was the end of her dinner that had only just begun. When the bunny hopped to the back of the yard, she ran over to the patio door (which she can now get open by herself) and yelled into the yard "Where Bunny go?"

Now every time she looks out the window she asks about the bunny (which sounds like Barney so I always get confused. :P)

Hopefully it won't eat Devon's vegetables that he planted (I'm sure it will and we'll have to get a bunny barrier!)

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