Friday, December 5, 2008

Lights All A Glow

Devon got the Christmas lights put up today. He borrowed a ladder from a neighbor to get the lights up on the top of our two story house. I stayed inside where it was warm and was teasing him to be careful and not fall off the roof. A few minutes later, Mady came looking for a rope. Apparently she couldn't find one so she made one out of beads (see photo). I asked her what the rope was for and she said it was for Daddy to catch him when he falls off the roof! Haha. She's such a smartie.

The lights look good - this is the first year we've done lights outside on this house. Mady's face when the lights were turned on was priceless! A couple sets of the lights are blinkers and when they went off for a moment she said "Uh-oh! Broken!"

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