Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Tassle's Worth the Hassle!

Chelsey's graduation was today. Gosh I feel old! You know those slideshows they play at graduation? Some of the kids in her class I recognize better by their baby pictures than by seeing them in person. A lot of them would come to the pool where I was lifeguarding and I'd teach them swimming lessons. Exactly 11 years ago today was my high school graduation - crazy!

Odd day for a graduation - there were some huge snowflakes coming down! "The size of baseballs," said Dane.

The after graduation party was a hit. Chelsey helped the kids break open the pinata. Josh's friend brought margaritas - then the party started!

Mady's having a blast with Paige. She follows her around everywhere. Now Paige has a "mini me".

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