Friday, May 16, 2008


Today we went to Mulhall's nursery and bought $250 worth of plants for the yard. Devon cut down the tree/bush thing in our front yard flower bed area. Seems like we always get stuck with the ugly tree/bush things in our front yard (our house in Phoenix used to have an ugly tree/bush thing as well). Guess the people that owned the houses before us didn't have very good taste in plants. I cleaned up the purple flowering plants along the house and planted some annuals even though Devon thinks they are a waste because they won't come back next year.

Devon planted some rose shrubs in the back. He also planted some peppers and tomatoes in the back.

Mady was a good helper and watered the plants. I also found a nightcrawler and she held it in her hand and giggled.

We learned a lot about plants today that's for sure! I do not have a green thumb but my Dad says anything will grow down here with the humidity. We'll see about that!

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