Thursday, May 28, 2009

An Update on Baby Rylan

Baby Rylan will be here in just a matter of weeks! We had an ultrasound last Friday to check on his growth because I measure small on the outside (30cm when I am at 33 weeks) - even tho I feel huge! He looks just fine, even a little bigger than suspected (he's in the 54th percentile according to the ultrasound). Unfortunately there wasn't enough fluid around his head so they couldn't get a good 4-D shot this time. View all his ultrasound pics here.

Devon will be painting his room soon. His baby bedding arrived today and it's really cute for having cars on it. Haha. You can view it here.

Mady is excited to help with him. She often leans her head on my belly and asks if Baby Rylan is awake.

Some people have asked if there is anything we need for him. I did set up a small gift registry at Target. The items there are only suggestions. We don't need a lot but some of our stuff either doesn't work anymore or is too girly for a boy. :) Some items that would be helpful:

1. Full size swing (our big one doesn't work well anymore, sometimes it swings, sometimes it doesn't)
2. Floor play gym (Mady's is pretty girly)
3. Sit 'n' stand stroller (baby carrier on the front, Mady can sit or stand in the back)
4. New cover for the boppy pillow
5. Bebe pod
6. Gift cards to Babies R Us, Gap or Target so I can pick out a new diaper bag
7. Decor to match his crib bedding

We look forward to meeting our little one on/around July 12!

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Misty said...

It is so exciting! I just LOVE babies!! Can't wait to see what your little one looks like! Take care!!