Monday, January 12, 2009

Carter's Birthday Present

Happy birthday my baby Carter! It's hard to believe that if you were with us today you would be four years old! We tried to have a nice day in your honor. This morning we had our first ultrasound for baby #3. Isn't it odd that the ultrasound was scheduled for your birthday? Originally it was the 9th but they moved it to today. I like to think it was one of your special messages.

You gave me the best present ever on your birthday: a healthy ultrasound for your new baby brother. Yes - they think it's a boy even though it's pretty early to tell already at 13 weeks. (Guess he likes to show off. I had a hunch the whole time though.) This one will be tough since it's a boy (but when aren't pregnancies, especially when you're paranoid like I am). I have not been feeling as good during this pregnancy as with you other two but it's slowly getting better. The due date is July 12 but I'm secretly hoping a bit (safely) earlier so I don't miss out on the entire swimming season.

Your sister didn't want the ultrasound to end today. She kept screaming (You know how loud she is. The drama!) "My baby! Where my baby go!? Want to hold the baby!" We're trying to teach her that the baby is not big enough and has to stay in mommy's tummy for a while longer. Later we took her to Build-A-Bear (her first time. We're addicted now I'm sure.) and she chose a brown dog to stuff. She named it "Pink" and it's now wearing a pink dress and pink shoes. Guess it's a girl.

It's hard to not think of all the things I've missed out on since you'll always be my baby. You'd be in preschool now. I wonder what you would've chosen at Build-A-Bear today. A monkey? :)

Thanks again for the birthday present.

I miss you - forever, ever and always.

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