Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Came Early

Mady lost her first tooth! AH! Yes, I know she is only 2. On Sunday, we woke up and she kept saying "Bump, bump" and pointing at her mouth so I took a peek in and WOW, her bottom front tooth was really loose. So I ran around like a crazy person freaking out trying to figure out what to do. It was Sunday and she didn't have a dentist yet (Again, she's only 2!) so I called our pediatrician emergency line and one of the nurses called me back. She advised that I take her to an Emergency Dental place or Urgent Care and have them look at it. They are worried with kids this age that they'll swallow it and choke on the tooth.

Devon called an Emergency Dental place and they said they could pull it but they don't have x-ray machines for a 2 year old so that's all they could do for us. I wanted a dentist to look at it and see if they could save it and an urgent care place would probably just pull it too so I just watched her and woke up all night every hour making sure she wasn't choking on it and was still breathing.

Monday morning first thing I called around and was looking for a dentist for her to get in to. While I was on the phone, she must've lost the tooth. I was taking her upstairs to get dressed and she was talking to me and I *GASPED* noticed her tooth was gone. We ran back downstairs and looked all over for it but no luck. I bet she swallowed it. :(

Thanks to my friend DeAnn, we already had a tooth fairy pillow so we put that out and the fairy found it. Mady came running to me the next morning and said, "Mommy, look! Monies!" She's been carrying the pillow around (with money still in the pocket) ever since.

So, it was no longer an emergency so she had her first dentist appointment today. After lots of explaining what everything in the dentist's office was (light, dentist tools, etc.) and showing her the tv on the ceiling turned to her favorite cartoons, there was still some blood curdling screaming involved when they went to do the x-ray. She didn't think it was so bad, however, when getting to pick out her prize (playdoh) for being "good."

Luckily, I found out I am not a bad mother and didn't let her eat too much candy already in life. She got her first two bottom teeth at 2.5 months old. The dentist said that when they get their teeth that early, they hardly have any root to them (he showed me this on the x-ray.) So if they barely get bumped, they can come loose and fall out. Turns out she bumped it last week on some kids' head - but it wasn't that loose then. But nothing to worry about, just sad that her tooth is gone!

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