Sunday, May 26, 2002

Wedding Guest List

THank you to all our guests who came to share our special day!

Tiffany and Paige Storbeck
Natisha Storbeck
Chelsey Storbeck
Kodie Richardson
Brad Roberts
Steve Prochazka and Melissa
Riley Clark
Kendall and Crystal Smith, Gentry and Whitney
Scott Richardson, Malena Thayer and Brayden
Ash Nydegger
Todd and Lori Storbeck
Sandi Richardson
Norm and Jan Richardson
Dale and Donna Brown
Clarence and Bonnie Storbeck
Phil, Lyndi, Reed, Alec, Taylor and Samee Kaus
Dale and Pat Sampy
Patty Halverson
Don and Candy Ellis
Dustin and Lauren Soto
Darren Ellis and Nicole
Dave Maschinio
Luke and Kirsten Trevino
Justin Brunson and Sage Skognan

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